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COVID Cases have steadily been dropping

As COVID-19 cases have been dropping over the past couple of weeks, talks of reopening and a return to normalcy are beginning

As Vaccinations are starting to slow down, the Biden administration is attempting to get the hesitant vaccinated

Biden is shifting away from his strategy of getting as many people vaccinated with mass-vaccination sites, to making it more convenient to get vaccinated. Biden’s goal is to get 70% of the US population vaccinated by July 4th.

COVID-19 Vaccine given EUA for 12–15-year-olds

The vaccine is expected to be available for 12–15-year-olds by Friday.

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The COVID-19 vaccine has been granted an EUA for adolescents. The vaccine should be available for adolescents 12–15 in the next coming days. This is after the FDA advisory committee found that the benefits of the COVID vaccine for 12–15-year-olds far outweigh the risks. Most states will allow for all 12–15 to be eligible to receive the vaccine, and it’s expected many will get their first dose within the next week. If you’re a parent looking for your child to get vaccinated, many pediatricians will have the vaccine available soon. Rural communities may have a harder time getting the vaccine…

Kids are often overlooked for many reasons during the pandemic. The most likely is that reason kids often get overlooked is that kids just aren’t at high risk of having a severe case of COVID. Of course, kids have struggled during the pandemic, just like all of us. The problem is that, unlike an adult, the trauma from the pandemic will stay with them for the rest of their lives. So let’s dive into why the COVID vaccine is such a big deal for kids.

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1 — Online School is tough

Online school is super tough. If you’re an adult, you’ve probably felt zoom fatigue. For…

Disclaimer: If you’re in a mental health emergency please call 911. If you need help, contact a professional. This is NOT medical advice, please consult with a professional for professional advice.

It is not often in history when everyone is feeling like everything is completely unpredictable. When things are unpredictable, habits and expectations must change. Chances are, you’re probably a bit lonely, tired, and very stressed.

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#1 Understand your situation

Taking a step back and knowing where you are can help a lot. Try to see yourself not as yourself, but from another point of view.

Here are some things you’ll probably find:

  1. You’re…

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